emo L502s Rear Disc Part Number and Availability

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Hey everyone,

Thought I might start a little topic/bit of info regarding rear discs for the L502s Mira, since I've been asked by a few folks about obtaining them.

The discs themselves are a little odd, since they're not actually "just discs" rather, they're integrated as part of the hub. So, when purchasing a new disc, you're effectively purchasing a new hub at the same time:

(Pictures speak a thousand words!)

Unfortunately, the only place I've been able to source these disc/hub things from is Daihatsu themselves, in Japan. And since you can only get them direct, they're a little pricey (around £100 per disc, plus shipping from Japan - which isn't especially cheap since they're quite heavy).

You could potentially try getting a pair through the UK Daihatsu dealer network. Some branches are a lot more helpful than others. However, my experience with them has been very poor and they simply "don't want to know" or refuse to acknowledge that the L502/L510/L512 Series Mira's even exist. :angry:

Part number is as follows, for anyone who is interested. Weirdly, when Googling the part number, only two links come up.


Hopefully this helps some of you out! And I wish you all the best of luck if trying to obtain these through the UK Daihatsu parts network! :lol:

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