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emo Japfest 2 - 17th Aug

17 Aug 2014 19:13 #22330

Unfortunately not but thanks for the thought :)

Glad to hear you had a good day despite the weather :)

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17 Aug 2014 21:01 #22331

trying to work out if we're both a bit sunburned or just windswept!
Me too, I think it's windburn! Loved the caramel shortbread. Yummy.
Oh I checked out the Suzuki Hustler, very cool. Loved the tent on the back.

Had a great day. Great chatting with friends again.

Loved Daz's Laurel. That interior is so comfy. Happy Birthday BTW.

Now it's time for Kei's on James May.

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18 Aug 2014 10:01 #22336

We had a great day despite my hay fever playing up in the morning.

Was good to see everyone and we had a large amount of attention from people for all of our cars on the stand which was great to see :)

Here's a couple of pics I took of our stand for those who weren't there

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18 Aug 2014 20:24 #22343

As usual now, a massive thank you to everyone who made it (those that didn't were missed) - and a big well done!

The stand looked really good, and you were all very friendly and helpful to the people that came up to see us. I have to say I think we were one of the most popular stands there on the day. I kind of felt sorry for the Starlets on the other side as we were stealing everyone's attention. I don't think 1 person walked past without at least glancing a look at the Keis on display.

All the sweets went very quickly, I saw people heading off with flyers or business cards so hopefully we've gained a few new fans at least.

The Copens were very popular, as was Carol, I think Mike's Beat stole the show though with it's own fan club forming... though Katie did say she wasn't sure if they were talking about the Beat or Mike being 'sexy' hehe.

The non-keis got a good bit of attention too, I saw a few people looking at the Yaris' hybrid engine out of curiosity, I noticed Don had a lovely lady sat in his GTO at one point and Dad's Jimny did a wonderful job of holding down the event shelter hehehehe I think you'll see from the photos how popular the stand was!

Talking of the weather! Well done team 'Banner', and for Don for being the first to spring into action and become an active damper device to stop the banner taking off - and thank you to everyone else who took it in turns to look casual whilst doing their part to maintain the integrity of the kei car banner hehe. As I said before the Jimny and the Yaris did a wonderful job of holding on to the guide lines to keep the event shelter up, even when other clubs took theirs down, we prevailed! hehehe

I think coupled with James May's 'cars of the people' programme the same night, I say we scored pretty high raising the awareness of Keis and Kei culture.

Long may we prevail as a club, and as a community. We seems to brighten up the day wherever we go! Well done all!

Photos now in the gallery:

Some highlights

Inclement weather:

Team Banner


'Sexy' Beat:

Enticing future Kei car owners with sweets:

"Look a copen!"

"Look a beat!"

Young lady trap:

"What's an Autozam?"

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19 Aug 2014 19:18 #22362

Yep a great day, despite the weather :) we certainly seem to get treated a lot better at Japfest2 than Japfest!

Thanks to everyone who came, and especially to everyone who didn't take a pic of me when I disappeared for a kip in the car for an hour :lol:

The young lady in my GTO was a bit of a turnaround for me - I'm used to people asking me to sit in my AZ-1 to see if they'll fit - this lady wanted to find out if her feet would reach the pedels!

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