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emo What is it about Kei cars that does something to you?

13 Sep 2015 23:21 #25026

So, recently I found myself wanting something with rear wheel drive. Something with a decent amount of power, with the ability to go sideways at ease. A Suzuki Cappuccino was the obvious choice, but having a short wheel base and not exactly a huge amount of power without going ballistic with parts from Japan (which we all know isn't exactly cheap), I decided against it.

So, I thought to myself "What would be ideal?" The answer? A Nissan 200SX. Now, here's the thing. I can't afford two cars. I can't justify owning a both my Mira and a 200SX. So, just to test the water, I put my Mira up for sale. For £2,800. (Now, I know what you're thinking. £2,800 is a lot for this car. Like I said, I was testing the water).

I decided against it. Plus, I couldn't find a 200SX that I wanted, with the right engine, for the right price. Insurance is another issue.

My Mira is another issue though. I can't face letting that car go. I can't face being without it. I've still got plans for it. There's a lot more that I want to do, more things that I want to fix, more fun that I want to have with that car.

What is it about Kei cars? Is it all cars? Or is it just this Daihatsu Mira? The car I leaned to drive in. The car I passed my test in. The car I spent countless hours working on, sourcing parts from all over the World, fixing it up. Improving it. Making it work like it should do and more.

1998 Daihatsu Mira TR-XX Avanzato R4
1991 Autozam Carol Type-G
1994 Nissan S13
1997 BMW E36 316i Saloon
1996 BMW E36 323i Compact (Sold)
1998 Toyota Chaser JZX100 (Sold)
1998 Toyota Soarer JZZ30 (Sold)
2000 Perodua Nippa L201 (Sold)
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04 Oct 2015 21:43 #25143

I think it's all cars really or ones that you at least have that connection to, it's why I've kept the beat and fixed it. As you say not that many alternatives that I'd go for, I've still got a decent list of parts I want for mine and like you a decent list of things to do still

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05 Oct 2015 16:02 #25152

I've still got my first ever Kei car(Daihatsu Mira) but luckily I have the space to store it.
I sold it to a friend once, but shortly after I bought it back, and plan on keeping it as it will get rebuilt one day :P

I found Kei cars have a quirky feel to them and feel rapid without actually being a licence loser lol.

Also they were my 1st steps into fully stripping and rebuilding a car, and I found them surprisingly simple to work on(compared to things like my old rb26dett Stagea).

Plus how great is it when people don't know what it is and they seem really shocked when you tell them they just lost to a 660cc car :P

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