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emo Cuore 'Zato - Steam coming from radiator and fan comes on but needle reads correctly? +more

17 Jul 2014 21:34 #22067

Hello people

I am looking at buying a Mira Avanzato TR-XX R4 however the seller has just got in touch telling me that there is a problem with the cooling system and I was hoping someone with more knowledge could shed some light as I will be buying the car long distance.

Basically as the title says; the car runs fine, heats up, needle gets to the middle of the gauge all normal but then the fan comes on and there is a "small" amount of steam coming from the radiator.

How easy is it to source catalytic converters for them? The car was fitted with a stainless system but de-cated.

The seller also reports that the power steering works 80% of the time.

If anyone could shed light on any of the above then that would be highly appreciated.


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17 Jul 2014 21:56 #22069

I would guess at a leaky radiator or hose. When the engine is cool the thermostat will not run water to the radiator usually, but when it warms up it will open to allow hot water to flow to the radiator. So likely when it does open up its escaping from somewhere.

Could be a lose hose clip, could most likely be a stone has gone through the radiator or it has rotted away with age.

Do cuores have power steering? Never knew that.

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17 Jul 2014 23:38 #22070

Iv been to see that car and the head gasket hads had it. I put a head gasket tester on it and shows exhaust Gas in the water System and there is a blow in the turbo to exhaust gasket and a knock from the left hand side of the engine . apart from that its OK. Hope that helps .PS I told the seller all this to so he know .

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