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emo Where would I buy L700 TR Bumpers & Trim from?

06 Sep 2016 03:03 #26292

I'm looking into getting my 1st car soon (maybe 3 months time) and I am almost dead set on a Cuore, however I love the look of the L700 TR edition. Does anyone know a reseller in the UK or Japan who can do a good deal on a full set of front, rear and side skirts for an L700? The car will probably be a 5 door model if that makes a difference.

Also: where do I buy wind deflectors from for the L700. I've looked everywhere, even Amazon! I need help with this :(
And: What brands are good for making wheel bore size more compatible with rims? Cuore has 53.1 and lots of rims are 57.1 (or something similar). Are eBay ones for £10 any good or will they break and crash the car? Not looking to lower in the 1st two years.

L700 TR Bumpers

Wind Deflectors

Plus, that last image is what I hope my L700 would look like.

Thank you for your time Kei Family. :)

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06 Sep 2016 12:53 #26297

Trying to find the tr bodykit will possibly be a bit of an expensive path unless your lucky and find that red cuore with the tr bodykit already on up for sale again.
I've seen pop up for sale over here a few times now so keep your eyes peeled (^_^)

You may be able to find the bodykit and wind deflectors in Japan, but I've had a quick look on yahoo Japan and not managed to find any tr bumpers for sale.

If you do find a set the next problem I've found in past trying to find a reasonable shipping cost for bumpers due to there size and they have to be well packaged to prevent damage.

For all my custom wheel fitment needs(pcd redrill, hub adaptors, hubcentric spacers, centerbore machining, ect) I use T.T tools in Essex.

However if you are just referring to spigot rings then eBay ones will be fine as long as they are the correct size as your hub and the wheels your fitting :)

Sorry If thats not entirely what you wanted to hear but hopefully it's helpful.

Oh but for you have £4-5k spare and also a couple extra £k for importation, prep, and registering for uk roads, then I spotted this awesome proper tr Mira in Japan :P

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10 Sep 2016 14:51 #26316

Damn, I really hoped there would be an easlier way of getting the L700 TR bumpers, I expected them to be quite common...

I was on about the eBay bore size changers, I was wondering if spending £9.99 on something that will hold the wheel to the bore will be of bad quality and break, however if people here use them they're most likley good quality!

This car will be my 1st car at maybe 18 if I don't pass whilst I'm 17 (only 6 months til my birthday). So importing a car would be a no go and I have only really budgeted about £1,500 for my 1st car all in mods and all. Including; Car, Wheels, Bumper Change, Oil filter, Fuel filter, air filter, cabin filter, breaks clean, paint touchup, and finally the 'unnessacary' parts like roof bars and rain deflectors.

Thank you for the input though, I'll keep my eye out on Yahoo Japan though, even just a front bumper would do me, I just much prefer the stance and meaner look it gets.

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10 Sep 2016 19:29 #26317

Yeah cheap and cheerful spigot rings of eBay are just fine. I've only ever spent a few quid on sets and never had one fail ever. After all it's only plastic and there is only a compression force rather than any twisting.

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29 Sep 2016 23:11 #26395

L700 wind deflectors:

3 Door

5 Door

Climair wind deflectors are pretty good. Much better than Team Heko ones, at least. Got a set on my L5 Mira and have just ordered a set for my 3 Series.

In terms of bumpers/bonnets/spoilers/whatever, you're gonna have to get them from either Japan or Malaysia. Malaysia will probably be a bit more expensive, but the stock in Japan is quite low since the Malaysians like to purchase them all and put them on their Perodua Kelisas.

It might be worth looking at Buyee. I've found a front bumper for you, and there are TR bonnets, spoilers, skirts and such on there too. Struggling to find a rear bumper. The only sting is the postage. So, I would recommend using K Takayama parts emporium on Facebook by sending him the yahoo auctions link that can be found on the Buyee page. Or by contacting him directly on here (his username on here is Beat_Type_R1).

Front bumper

Buyee is a proxy bidding service that allows you to buy stuff from Yahoo Auctions in Japan and have them delivered to your door. You buy the item and it gets shipped to their warehouse, then to your address. There is a small commission charge and the postage can be steep, but I've bought plenty of stuff from there in the past. I ended up using K Takayama Parts emporium for my front wings though, since they were pretty big and fragile. And I plan on using him again for more stuff, since the postage was very reasonable and stuff arrived super quickly!

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