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emo Move(number 3)

09 Sep 2013 10:56 #19674

Right, well the kkitp meet has been and gone and the move was unveiled for the 1st time and even won 1st again (^_^)

So now I can unveil pics and info to everyone else.

As most of you probably guessed the move is now turbo'd.

I took the 4cyl jbjl engine out of a avanzato and fitted it into my move.

Ill try n simplify it a bit to save hours of reading lol :P

Took 2hours 20mins to strip the move and pull the whole subframe, suspension, exhaust, loom, ect off the car

The process was then repeated for the zato

Next up was the swap, after changing over the suspension and a few other bits it was time to try and line it all up.

After it was in and bolted up I then changed over a few bits for uprated ones...like its now running my hks dx30 turbo. I then set about plumbing it all in and wireing it up, this was where I found a lot of the small but important changes such as different gear linkages, different throttle cable mount and location and many other changes.

Wireing was fun and games and after chasing some wires around the car I managed to get the ecu plugs spliced into the original car loom and then sort the mess of plugs in the enginebay.
There is no pictures of the wireing as it was just a stressful headache to do and didn't have spare time for pictures lol.

Next up was trying to make the space and modify brackets to fit my intercooler and pipework in.
Here's a pic of it on a trial fit(hasn't been welded in final position yet)

I then set about puting it together again, finishing off final wireing and plumbing, and attempting to fire it up
Which resulted in this

All in all it was not as easy as I thought but I managed to get it all in and working which I'm rather proud about as its the 1st engine conversion where I've done absolutely everything myself (^_^)

After the swap I then set about getting some different and slightly wider wheels...soo I began the hunt for some alley cats as I love the look of them...and a set of grimy kerbed up ones came up with mini fittment and 8j wide so I had to have them.

I then took some measurements and had a set of custom hub adapters made up.

I fitted the wheels and then set about fabricating some arches.

Wheels fitted

After checking clearances on full lock I folded the bottom of the wings in to stop the wheels binding and also had to trim the front bumper too.

I then set about cutting some metel and then shaping and welding it in place for each arch
Here's a few pics of the process

Once they were all securly welded in place I gave them a final trim to get them the right shape ready for the next stage.

This next part took days as it was a case of smoothing them in using metel filler, sanding, filling a bit more, sanding n repeating over n over untill I had the right shape I wanted.

I then gave it a final skim over with filler a few times to try and smooth it out but was having trouble spoting the flats so I sprayed it black and sanded it down to reveal the low parts ready to filler again

Once they were done I gave them a primer

I then masked the car up and sprayed it.

The wheels were then my next priority as they were in Terible condition, so after sanding all the kerb marks out(thank you Tracey for helping) I then set about polishing them...which was extremely time consuming, and arm aching lol
Heres a comparison

I then move to the interior and fitted a few bits like steering wheel and painted all my door shuts ect

I then gave the car a couple of runs and short drives to check for items to put on shakedown list...which turned out to be about 4-5 items but a couple were a right royal pain into the rear, the others were simple fixes.

After that it was time for a final reassembly and clean and finishing touches(paint a few lil bits like rocker cover ect)ready for kkitp
So here's some pics of the finished product

I haven't got more pics of it completed as it was only finished the Saturday before kkitp lol.

However I look forwards to seeing some pics that were taken at the meet :)

Hope peeps like it...and if you don't I really don't care coz I absolutely love it lmao :P

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09 Sep 2013 11:14 #19676

you've excelled yourself daz - best one yet. looked frappin brilliant!

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10 Sep 2013 22:07 #19706

I think it looks great, I love the rims and the custom over fenders. I wish I had the tools and skills to do this kind of stuff to my car, the hard work payed off.

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11 Sep 2013 13:44 #19715

looks great ,but how does it go ??

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11 Sep 2013 15:49 #19717

Cheers for the positive feedback peeps :)

And it goes like stink off the lights (^_^)

Just Gona get it in for a dyno run and tune once I've got some spare cashiola so it will be running spot on and have a Lil bit of paper to prove its power :P

And Gota do a bit more fiddling with the wiring to get the speed restrictor removed without it going into limp home mode...however it doesn't bother me too much at the mo as the limiter is at 90mph which is rather high revs in 5th lol

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13 Sep 2013 22:55 #19770

I was just curious to where you found your Ally Cats? I would love to find some old skool rims like that, any suggestions on good places to look?

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14 Sep 2013 01:35 #19773

Dude if you could see my watched list in ebay you would be shocked lol...i spend alot of time searching ebay for little raritys and bargains for cars.

so ebay is a good start, and if youve got mega bucks to spend ive got a few sites that have some epic wheels but there mostly in the states so would cost a bomb in shipping

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14 Sep 2013 15:14 #19778

Haha yeah. I buy loads of stuff off ebay, like my Thule rack, can't believe the price I got it for, think they just wanted to be rid of it lol. I also hate that when I see something, then I look at the details and it's from the US, they get loads off cool stuff. Thanks for the reply anyway, just wondered if you had some secret tips, but just lurk on ebay alot haha. I have minus bucks because I'm a student =.=. :lol:

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15 Sep 2013 13:40 #19812

Isn't that what student loans are for (>_<) lol :P

Once I've got some measurements from you ill keep my eyes peeled for some wheels for you.

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15 Sep 2013 16:36 #19820

Haha yeah but I haven't got my student loan yet.:lol: That is very kind of you thank you.

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