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emo Prospective AZ-1 Owner in California

06 Mar 2017 05:05 #26559

Hi All!

Last week I stumbled upon the awesome realization that a previously unattainable car which I had lusted after in my youth, the Autozam AZ-1, was reaching the magical 25 year threshold which allows its import into the United States. Since then, I've been obsessively searching ads and reading up on the nuances of importing and owning such a car in the USA. Thus far I've been pleasantly surprised by the feasibility of the endeavor, especially the apparent viability of passing California emissions - a feat that I presumed was impossible.

I know this is primarily a UK based group, but I'm reassured to see at least a few American members including a few fellow AZ-1 enthusiasts. I'd love to connect with anyone in the USA - especially California - who is willing to share their experience importing and registering a JDM kei car here. Of course, I'd also love to connect with any AZ-1 owners to learn more about what it's like to actually own one of these awesome little things!


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