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emo r34 hurst

04 Mar 2012 12:23 #12783


Heres a new post on my old stagea.

Short update of getting this far.... Bought it but got ripped of big time, spent thousands of pounds of the banks money, getting everything working and replacing broken bits with uprated ones where possible, and also on a fair amount of tuning.

So this car has been a money pit from day 1, its been 1 thing after another with it, then put it into storage due to not being able to afford insurance, recently got it out done a few bits n pieces and went to get it sorted...then BAM it starts fighting me again which is a problem with little money.

Anyways heres the spec

1997 Nissan Stagea Fully Converted To Gtr Spec

Full Gtr Rb26dett Engine Conversion,
Gtr Manual Gearbox and Diff Conversion,
Hks Exhaust System,
Hks Hardpipe Kit,
Hks Induction Hardpipe Kit with Filters,
Gtr Intercooler and Oil cooler,
Apexi AVCR Boost Controller,
Vipec Ecu Fully Maped and Dynoed By RSP(Rising Sun Performance),
Air Flow Meters Removed as not required With the Standalone Ecu and Map,
Twin Plate Clutch Unknown Make,
Uprated Turbo Internals(Unknown what internals as was pointed out by RSP),
Uprated Coilpacks,
Fuly Maped and Dynoed too 441.5bhp by RSP

R32 Gtr 2pot Rear Brakes,
Alcon 6pot Front 343 Disk Big Brake Conversion,
Tein Racing Logic Adjustable Coilovers,
Uprated Top Mounts,
Ikeya Formula Rose Jointed Front Arms,
Front Strut Brace,
8"x10j Compomotive Alloy Wheels(et1 on rears, et10 on front plus 5mm spacers)
Brand New 255/35r18 Toyo Proxy Tr1 All Round

Full Masa Motorsport R34 Gtr Conversion,
Bomex Front Bumper With Added Canards(Freshly Resprayed),
Uprated Xenon Headlights,
Fiberglass Front Wings,
Gtr Fiberglass Bonnet(Freshly Resprayed),
Masa Motorsport Rear Bumper, Spoiler, and Sidekirts,
Removed Roof Bars,
Rear Wiper Removed,
Custom Flaired and Rolled Arches,
Autech 260RS Rear Lights,
Tinted Windows

R33 Gtr V-spec Front Seats,
Momo Steering Wheel,
Nismo Gear Stick

Full Cat 1 Viper Alarm and Imobiliser, Including a Fully Functioning Pager.

Where it stands at the moment is got it out to finish and tidy up to aim for the road this year.

So fitted up new wheels and cleaned it up.

Still not fitted the front bumper as its still stored down at rising sun.

Desided to sort out the rear sunroof where previous owner had bodged(he like bodging things) it in...big problem

Not only had he siliconed it in without a rubber, he had smoothed it into the roof before respraying it....the outcome is when i pushed it out its taken off large amounts of paint around the sunroof hole(see pics) :shock:

Also the rear seat got wrecked where it was leaking.

So figured as i wanted a non sunroof model and the roof now needs stripping and respraying, it would be a good time to either replace roof skin(Had quotes which wasnt too bad) or see if someone is willing(and competent enough) to weld up the holes without warping the roof.

So now looking for a non sunroofed donor car to use the headlining, rear seats, and alot of the interior trim where bits were broken or missing when i bought it, and possibly the complete roofskin :)

Anyways heres a few pics


dyno print out

Current exterior pics

Current interior pics although will be fulls stripped soon to sort the roof

Sunroof hole with paint missing from removing bodged sunroof

Things left to do:
Sort roof.
Get electrics up into the roof as for some reason there is no power going there.
Replace rear seat and some interior trim.
Run wires in and install a stereo.
Fit recessed lockable bonnet pins onto bonnet.
Adjust suspension(lower more)
full tracking.
Tax, Ticket, and insurance.
Finally enjoy  :D

Progress will be slow for a while untill money starts picking up and untill i find a non sunroof doner car.

As soon as anything new happens ill update here :)

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04 Mar 2012 12:39 #12787

Oh and i have found a non sunroof roof, but its all the way up near glasgow....just a wee bit of a trek so trying to work out when i can actually get up to get it

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31 Mar 2012 09:03 #13190

Stagea is on my list of cars to own. For some reason I've never been a fan of the skyline, but a huge skyline waggon, yes please :D
Looks good mate, and I bet its a hoot drive.

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31 Mar 2012 15:57 #13198

only drove it once when i picked it up, then it all went tits on that day, electrics had a spasm brakes went spongey and wheel bearing colapsed...on a 10k car with a brand new mot... :dry:

Some how i highly doubt it had a legitimate mot, and it was bought from dragon performance, who had bodged everything....car now owes the bank over double the amount payed, and im still fixing things now(roof)

Its been drivable for ages but the problem was, when i was getting everything fixed, so much needed replacing so i figured id use uprated parts, and change a few things to make it myown....which turned out to give the car an awsum spec and appearance....except no insurance company has given me an even slightly affordable qoute for the last 2 years >:(

So ill have to get back to you on the fun to drive bit lol.

However ive sourced a non sunroof roof now and will be going for an absolute mission drive to motherwell to collect it in 3 weeks ::)

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14 Apr 2012 17:08 #13411

V nice motor.

Always been a fan of anything GTR related.  8)

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21 Apr 2012 18:10 #13551

Cheers dude :thumb:

Quick update, up in south shields atm for a short break away, then its off to motherwell in scotland on monday to get my new roof...followed by a mission drive home ::)

Will post pics once ive got it :smile:

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05 May 2012 16:48 #13703

just an idea mate on the insureance side of things, why dont you get a trade policy, thats what my family does, theres 4 of us on it and we can all drive any car up to the value of 10k no matter what it is as its a value based policy, we pay just over 2k a year for all of us and theres 10+ cars between us so works out alot cheaper

all you have to say is you are a car dealer that works from home

i think if the policy was mine instead of my dads it would be just under 1k for the year with me being 25 but if youve got quite a few cars its easier than insuring them all separate as you can add or remove cars from your policy on the internet at any time

For 250 mins, unlimited texts & unlimited internet for only 10 pound a month payg click giffgaff.com/orders/affiliate/voodoo2k6 and get 5 pound free when you top up your first 10 pound

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06 May 2012 00:16 #13718

No good, I havnt got £6-7k for a policy, already tryed under my car servicing bussiness.

But coz Im only 23 prices are extortionate ATM :dry:

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08 May 2012 19:51 #13767

That car is actually so awesome!  :thumb:

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09 May 2012 10:52 #13770

Cheers dude  :happy:

Just wish the insurance company's didnt think that lol

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