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01 Feb 2013 09:42 #17260

yikes - i got a new waterpump for ours not long ago and the price from honda japan was a lot cheaper than uk dealer price. same with the oil pump too. that said, it was still much more than average... but then with shipping / paying jesse and the possibility of customs it can be just as pricey! I guess the only advantage is possibly saving a few quid and not having to wait 3 months if its not in honda europe stock?

i saw this recently on the yokohama motors site which probably explains a lot. couple that with the shipping charges etc that honda will have to pay etc and it quickly becomes expensive :(

"In Japan parts prices are decided by the manufacturer and the general rule of thumb is the older the part the higher the price. An example would be a water pump for a newer vehicle would be half the price of a vehicle 15 years old (if you could find it). The manufactures justify this practice as storage fees."

anyhoos - yey its fixed! :D
my mum loves her jazz. she's on her 4th!!  :blink: :wacko: it is extremely dull mind.

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