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emo Does the sprit of the Avanzato live on ?

18 Feb 2014 15:56 #20836

I currently drive a Mini Countryman SD All4 as my daily driver and TBH find it a bit big and cumbersome. My problem is I really like small fizzy 4wd hatches (hence me having owned an Avanzato R4, Sirion X4 as well as a Rally IV)

I'd resigned myself to the fact that nobody builds my kind of car anymore and unless I when to the trouble of importing say a Boon X4 then I'm not going to be able to get the car I really want, then ......

I stumbled across a review of the new Fiat Panda 4x4


The old Fiat Panda 4x4 was slow and a bit of a joke and so I'd never given them any thought until I realised the new one was fitted with the new Twin Air 900cc turbo engine (83bhp, 107 lb/ft) suddenly it started to sound a bit like by much loved Avanzato, small hatch with a tiny revvy sub one litre motor coupled to a 4wd system.

Even better I also found a few chip tuning site claimed to get them up to 100bhp and the torque to 130 lb/ft (similar torque to a YRV turbo)

I'm now seriously tempted to take one for a test drive :whistle:

I know Fiat have not got the best reputation of reliability but I have to say this Panda sounds like a hoot around town - which translates to all of Jersey as we have a 40 mph speed limit :lol:

Has anyone else noticed this car and given it any thought ?

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18 Feb 2014 16:26 #20838

Looks a bit heavy to me at 1050 kg. Would limit the fun somewhat. The Renault Twingo teaser looks much more interesting to me. Rear engine, RWD, out later this year apparently.

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18 Feb 2014 21:03 #20848

Panda 4x4 Antarctica twin air is a great car, its got a better interior than the standard 4x4 and has a penguin on the side :) twin air engine sounds fantastic, quite addictive to give it a bit of stick, it moves well on the road, and its incredibly capable offroad too :D great value for money, Id have one if I didnt already have too many cars

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