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emo 1988 drifty Cressida

29 Oct 2014 16:14 #22965

Right I thought it's about time I posted a lil build(and drift) thread for my 1988 toyota Cressida with a 1jz twin turbo engine conversion.

I know I've been getting side tracked from the kei's lately but I'm really getting hooked back on drifting again :P

Been spending all my pennies on trying to get the cressida built and set up spot on for drifting.

Quick rundown of my history with the car.

Bought it in need of some tlc

Fixed a few simple bits such as harnesses, tighten pipes and coilpacks, and quieten the exhaust(to pass db levels for track) and then Went to lydden hill for a drift day and quickly worked out the car needed a lot of changes to make it a stable and reliable drift car.

Had an excellent day there though and had a few pointers from a friendly guy called fuller(bdc driver), he came out in the car with me and gave me some pointers but did comment on how much hard work it looks like it is to drift lol.
He also gave me a few pointers on future car setup and why it was so hard to drift...3 main points being, no handbrake, terrible steering lock, and too much negative camber (^_^)

So the list was made and the car was dropped at a friends garage called Just Auto Performance & Styling(I know the owners and drift with them), there they started to get the car rebuild underway(I don't have the time to do all the work on the car lately due to work)

After the whole car had been rewired with all the electric's now working and a few other bits installed like fuel pump Ecu the car is now running a million times better.

Also relocated the battery so it is mounted central in the boot and is actually bolted down.

Parts are a nightmare to try and source, no1 had the correct brake shoes for rear so they ended up going to a specialist company to get them relined.

The car was also burning the inside edge of tyres out on the rear very quickly due to the beg camber from being so low...so I went against everything I normally do and lifted the car slightly which also ment I could do away with the terrible rear spring bodge by a previous owner(carpets to hold spring in place!!!)

So I managed to find some springs to make fit and added some coil spring tow assistors to stiffen them up a bit.

Also noticed the car was extremely lacking in the steering lock department, so after much hunting and researching, I sourced a few bits which I hoped would fit...and they did :)
So it has NCRCA's and heavy duty trackrods ends and steering knuckles installed to give it some much needed maximum lock (^_^)

Went to drift day at santapod and the car was completely different to drive, could throw it around and it felt much more controllable and stable.

Had an epic day but still found more bits that need changing

Future mods list is as follows:
Fuel cell(stop fuel starvation when I try to manji)
New rear subframe bushes.
Send rear slave cylinders off to be rebuilt.
Possibly install a hydro handbrake
Get diff rebuilt/make a new diff fit
Source and replace front discs(warped)
New bucket seats and harnesses
Fia approved cage(to try and compete next year)
Bigger injectors
Boost controller
Standalone Ecu(plus Dyno set up)

Here's a few pics:
My 1st drift day at lydden hill

The removed excess wiring behind the dash

NCRCA's and new steering knuckles and trackrods ends.

My 2nd drift day at santapod.
Destroyed 1st set of tyres which battered the back of my car a lil bit

Had one extremely close moment where a BMW spun in front of me :S

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31 Oct 2014 21:03 #22988

Looks like a wicked and different drift car, so much nicer than all the BMW and S bodies u seen up there, what power is the jz kicking out

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01 Nov 2014 07:47 #22989

Cheers dude, and that is the best thing about it as everyone compliments on how it looks whilst skidding (^_^)

It's probs around the 300bhp mark

Will get it dyno'd next year once I've got the Ecu n injectors installed.

I've been told by a few peeps I should easily be running 400-500 with the injectors Ecu and boost controller, but I'm only Gona aim for lower half as I don't want to add extra strain on the engine as it will be getting alota stick whilst drifting :P

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01 Nov 2014 12:17 #22990

Good work Darren

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