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emo Toyota bB

09 Mar 2017 16:21 #26570

Decided I would start a lil thread here so peeps can see progress and sneak a peek at some pics of my Toyota bB.

Brief history, I have always loved Toyota bB.
I decided I wanted one before I was even old enough to drive, after seeing a Scion xB whilst on holiday in America(americas twin for Toyota bB).

After a few years of driving I finally bought and owned one.
Withing first few weeks of ownership the mods began including interior retrim, wheels, static suspension, and a few choice JDM Goodies.
That one eventually went to my other half as she loved them aswell, so we rebuilt it as she wanted it for her daily.

I wanted to try air suspension and spotted another bB someone else had installed air suspension on that need some Tlc and decided I'd give that a go.

Unfortunately after getting it home and finding 100amp fuses blowing, I stripped the electrics and the full airlift install and found a never ending list of cut corners and dangerous bodges.
So I set about putting it right and rewired and installed it all properly from scratch.

It was finally functional and reliable, so I had a good base to modify the car more to my taste.

However after a few months of driving it, it turns out I don't like air suspension.
The compressors are down right annoying, and the ride was not what I was expecting as I enjoy driving around scrapping the floor height, but just want the ability to lift for speedbumps.
Air suspension is useless for that, but is spot on if you like driving at a sensible height and just slamming it when parked.

Anyway I took the car off the road for winter 2 yeas ago but it actually ended up spending Almost 2 years off the road in storage due to injury and other financial commitments.
But this year I've decided to crack on and rebuild it with a fresh look exactly how I want it from the ground up.

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09 Mar 2017 16:41 #26571

So time to strip the car.

Removed all interior door cards, headlining, and audio install to retrim in new material I've bought to match the seats ??

Removed all the crappy airlift suspension, and all the wiring and pipework.

At start of February I thought I best decide what I'm gona do and started planing and ordered up some bit.

Suspension wise I decided to try something new, and have opted to try juice/hydraulic suspension on it.
After some research and recommendations I spoke to Ray at Rayvern hydraulics to get some bits and some info.

Then 2 weekends ago I dropped my old airlift struts to him so he could cut them up use them to make some hydraulic rams to fit on my car.
They arrived yesterday evening so I'm looking forwards to installing them this weekend. .

I spent last weekend installing all the pump, valve block, and lines. Then started to make up a false floor and plan for the spring frame and boot display

I also dropped my BBS RS003 wheels to Fyse again to work his magic and give my wheels a refresh and colour change on the centers.

So I've got a busy few weekends ahead to try and get it all built and back on the road in time for the 1st few shows as I've got a huge todo list left.

Will get some more progress pics up of how far I've got after the weekend ??

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02 Oct 2017 08:12 #26821

Sorry for late updates peeps.

Finished the hydro install without to many issues.
I had to get some longer 8inch rams made for the rear as it 6inch ones just would t have given the lift I wanted.
I then got cracking on making it all look smart in the boot.

Turned out pretty well once I'd finished it and put it all together.

Wheels came back from fyse in there new gloss white colour.

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03 Oct 2017 07:44 #26823

Excuse the slow posts.
Unfortunately I don't have much time to write up and post ATM.

Will see if I can post a lil update whenever I get a chance.

Anyways, I decided I wanted full 9way controls for the Hydros.
So I set about making a 9 way switch box and doing all the wiring to make it do what I wanted.

Was a tad tight getting it all to fit in the box, but managed and it all works spot on.

I retrimmed the rest of my interior where it used to have dollars in diamond stitched material to match the seats.
Was time consuming as usual, but the results looked stunning in my opinion.

The pipe work when retrimmimg the sub box was not the easiest and was a bit of a trial and error making it look right.

I ended up learning many new skills during this rebuild.

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03 Oct 2017 14:32 #26824

Next up was the head liner.

I swapped the dollar one for a spare standard one as I wanted to try dyeing the roof lining instead of fabric retrim.

Anyways, I cleaned, prepped, and dyed the headliner black.

I then set about spending many days making tiny holes in it and feeding fibre optics through each hole.
After running them all, glueing them Inplace, and trimming them to right length I set about trying to install the roof liner and route the fibres to the led units I decided to use.

Safe to say it was a real pain in the backside getting all the fibres to clear all the clips and brackets when trying to refit the roof and trims.

Managed to get it all In, wire up the light units and have them all hidden out of site...and the result was definitely worth all the effort.

Unfortunately the video can't be uploaded directly here.
So I've just took a couple of still shoots.

I will upload on YouTube and share a link here at a later date.


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