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emo my first kei Car Suzuki kei

29 Apr 2015 14:24 #24181

I will measure the bootlid on one at my local breakers am sure it will be specific to the kei as everything width wise has been too big from an ignis. Even the window screen was a special order from suzuki in japan with a 3 month wait as it is specific to the kei. If your on facebook ive seen ignis sports selling on the owners club page for less than a grand Here

My suzuki dealer has been great, dealing with the parts guy it was his first JDM car to get parts for. Just ordered a clutch kit with a 3 week wait and have received the spare clutch and throttle cable so am not caught short.

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29 Apr 2015 19:19 #24183

Great work! If you ever need a turbo let me know I have a barely used one for a Suzuki kei (long story lol)

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29 Apr 2015 23:14 #24186

Thanks emily due to the long wait times with suzuki and other importers ive started to buy things to keep in stock. Please feel free to pm me if you have a price in mind? Do you have any other kei parts as am lead to believe its one of about 10 in the uk and one of the few 2wd manual 3 door models So i really want to hang onto it. Im on the hunt for a brake master and servo too as it looks to be weeping out as the servo has signs of surface rust. since the fluid change the level hasnt drop so might just be something and nothing. Looking forward to showing it off at the annual meet

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