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emo Suzuki Kei vs alto works

10 Dec 2015 07:00 #25482

New to the board but hope I can get some ideas.

I've been researching Kei cars for a long time now and really want to import one as a daily driver and for autocross. I'm in canada so it has to be 2000 yr or older.

The suzuki Kei works is far cheaper with same engine and power. Also it has tires in a size I can actually purchase in canada. However it's taller and seems like it may be a roll over risk on the autocross course.

Anyone know if it is a rollover risk? Would an alto works RS/R be a better choice?

Having to choose solely on specs and pictures is lame but as they are hard to find where I live I'm limited.


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11 Dec 2015 13:28 #25505

Hi Jason, pretty new to kei's myself, it doesn't seem like it would be too much of a rollover risk, what sort of surface / terrain are the Autocross events on?

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11 Dec 2015 16:48 #25508

Just racing on really big open parking lot (local police use it to train during the week) I'd say its regular pavement but never really looked.

Having owned a Suzuki Samurai which is a rollover risk (and banned) and seeing that the local Fiat 500's were banned got me looking at the rules. They use a height/track width measure and a center of gravity x2/track width measure. Good luck finding what the center of gravity measurement is on a kei (or any other car) As for Ratio's of height / width.

Suzuki Samurai (Jimny) -- 1.07 Ratio ... banned
Suzuki Kei sport -- 1.04 Ratio
Fiat 500 -- .93 ... banned
Suzuki alto '97 -- .94 --> but I've seen events where its autocrossed
Nissan NX 2000 (my current car) --> .77 (its so low I can spin it but I doubt I could ever roll it)

So, since kei's have a fixed length and width and many of them are getting taller and taller....where does the rollover risk come in. I'd love a cappuccino/beat/copen but until the kids leave home I have to have 4 seats. The Suzuki Kei seems like a better family fit but I really want to autocross ...

And the question remains... Alto Works or Suzuki Kei Sport

Unless you smart kei people can think of an awesome, 15yr old or older model, 4 seat Kei that would be fun to autocross :)

Thanks for the views everyone.

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