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emo 1999 Suzuki Alto Works RSZ Turbo

28 Sep 2017 19:21 #26810

It’s with a heavy heart that I put my little Suzuki Alto up for sale. Imported from Japan last year I have just given it a year’s fresh MOT and service for a new owner. I tend to change my second car each year and it’s time to try something else. This was always on my want list due to Gran Turismo 2 (which seems to be the source of many on my list!). I have spent a lot on the car, the exchange rate is not kind to us but I’ve also made sure any work needing done was done.

It has approximately 100,000 miles on the clock, still in kilometres on the odo but the speedometer has been converted to MPH recently. While it seems high, being 18 years ago it averages around 6000 miles per year. It is cheap to run. Tyres and consumables are cheap which really helps with a fun run-around. Its also good on fuel, but I wouldn’t know what it works out to be. It has a tiny little tank and I don’t fill it often!

The car has had some minor modifications to make it more likely, these include the usual filter replacement, boost controller, fuel cut defender and blow off valve. Boost is currently set to 1 bar but can go higher if you like. Ive also had the plugs changed recently. Parts availability is very good, I’ve had no issues sourcing the parts required either from the usual sources for normal bits or from Suzuki or Amayama for more specific items. The car however has been totally reliable with no issues at all.

Its reasonably well specced as well. Comes with the usual Electric Windows, Power Steering and ABS, but also has good working Air Conditioning. Stereo is decent, one I had installed new with mp3 CD etc. The suspension is quite hard, the car does not like potholes! The rear shocks are Suzuki Sport adjustables currently set to 2 out of 10… but still hard!

It is as you would expect great fun. Super light with a reasonable bit of power and torque. It’s very tractable, pulling away in 3rd from close to a stop isn’t an issue, the little engine is a gem. It loves to rev and the character of the engine notably changes at higher rpm. Its not as fast as most things but the difference is you feel like you are fast ALL the time. No matter what speed you are doing, it just feels like double. This was one of the main attractions for me, fun without the bills or risk. It does drone a little on motorway runs at around 50mph but go to 60 or 70 and its actually quieter. It has a nice turbo whistle from it when on boost, I never get tired of the little engine’s noise. The car revs much higher than anything else but its so smooth with it. I mean, you will be driving at 3000 to 4000 a lot but it really doesn’t feel stressed.

So overall, its light and rare, a wee bit of fun. I’ll miss it loads, I know I will, even the Girlfriend is sad but I know what I’m like, got to keep trying things. It would make a great car for someone wanting something different, interesting, fun and cheap to run. The little bonnet vent gets some curious looks too!

1999 Suzuki Alto Works RSZ 2wd
660cc Twin Cam Turbo K6a
Full year MOT with no advisories (done today)
Serviced today (I have a service book which I started when I got the car last year)
100000 miles, odo in KM but speedo has been converted to MPH using a digital doofer thing
At least 2 keys (3 I think)

Overall in good condition. The car is nearly 20 years old so its not mint. The body is good overall, I had some work done when it first arrived as the roof had faded. It looks very presentable as per the pictures but there are small dings and scratches of course.
Mechanically very good. Ive made sure it wanted for nothing so engine and drivetrain are great. Never caused me any issues. The CV’s were worn and clicking so the shafts were fully refurbished at great cost a few months back. Brakes work well, the car is so light it probably doesn’t put a lot of strain on it anyway!
The tyres are almost new and the wheels are in good condition as well. The car was undersealed last year when I got it and the exhaust is also in good condition. It still has the Japanese Toll Collection unit but not turned on
Interior wise it’s pretty good. A few minor scratches on the dash area, it’s that old Japanese plastic which is brittle. The air vents in the front are loose and aim down a little, minor point, but not easy to sort so I’ve used some black tape inside them to hold them straight. Seats are decent too, black and red but I always use covers with my second car. It has remote locking which works but you have to be quite close so I’ve always used it like a normal key.

Manual Boost controller set to 1 bar
HKS Fuel Cut Defender
Apexi Panel Filter
Blow Off Valve Installed
Slightly adapted air intake (standard is tiny)
Estimated at maybe 85bhp (standard is 64bhp)

So, sorry for the epic life story but I do hope it goes to a good home. Its not mint, but its very useable and in good overall condition. Ive been very honest in the above but as always, best to come and see it. Ive easily spent more than double what I’m asking for, its not about money for me, I just enjoy the journey and experience with the car. The price I am asking for it is £2450. I am located not too far from Glasgow Airport.

Feel free to ask any questions, I’ve likely missed some major info,even in my epic :)

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28 Sep 2017 20:31 #26811


Is the 100,000miles a mix of km and miles or is it reading 160,000 odd?
I had a Wagon R RR with the K6A in. Great engine, but hard to tune without the suzuki sport ecu.
Is it a manual?


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29 Sep 2017 08:39 #26815

Sorry, yeah its 100,000miles in total, showing 160000km. I was going to have it changed but never got round to it

Yeah, I should have said its a manual

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02 Oct 2017 14:44 #26822

Wee price drop

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06 Oct 2017 03:36 #26832

how much you wanting ?

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07 Oct 2017 11:57 #26838

Happy to listen to offers

Its a good wee car, cost a lot for me due to the crap exchange rates and the fact I cant let things go :)

But its less about the money and more about the experience for me

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11 Oct 2017 21:24 #26844

Back for sale

Chap from Ireland was due to pick it up today but costs for registering it in Ireland were high. Great chap, so returned his deposit :)

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28 Oct 2017 14:54 #26862

Price drop to £1950

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15 Nov 2017 10:44 #26884

Someone is coming to collect it tomorrow, never been so sad selling a car before :(

If it doesn't work out, I'll update the thread

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16 Nov 2017 15:08 #26886


Many thanks

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